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Geometry Activities for ALL Concepts Below... And MORE!

 Conditional Statements Segment Relationships  30-60-90 Triangles  Distance Formula 
 Points, Lines, Planes  Midpoints/
45-45-90 Triangles  Volume
 Similar Triangles  Angle Relationships  Parallel Lines  Surface Area
 Congruent Triangles  Pythagorean Theorem  Quadrilateral Practice  Medians Altitudes

Pinwheels with Quadrilaterals

This activity helps students learn the definitions of several quads through various folds and repetition and rehearsal. 


The first student passes their answer to their problem to the student behind them, and so on down the row.  First row to complete the quest and tell the teacher the correct answer, wins!

Central Angles Using Kaliedoscopes

This activity enables the student to explore central angles of circles by creating a mini-kaliedoscope on each student's desk.



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